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Originally created in 1941 for use by the Airlines, Air Cargo, Inc. and its Air Freight Directory is an indispensable tool for Air Freight, Air Cargo and Freight Forwarders alike. Air Cargo, Inc. represents the oldest and largest network of local pickup and delivery Cartage Agents in North America.

We are the most adaptive and flexible provider for supply chain solutions pre and post pandemic. Our services infuse the old with the new and bring light to our customers in regard to end-to-end transparency of fulfillment progress. Whether it is your affliction with the paper printed directory or your modern online experience for your logistic needs, ACI is always the dependable partner.

  • Newest Online feature: Instant Booking

    Powered by 100s of ACI certified member cartage agents, we bring to you our most optimized to date booking experience of first and last mile transportation. Revisit your last mile delivery strategy and reduce the time you spend to under 5 minutes when visiting our link:

    To deliver on these expectations we have an All-in-one model where you can book, track, and bill in one GO! With 24/7/365 customer service and competitive rates we can cover all US airports including our recently introduced Mexico, Alaska, Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and US territories coverage. Digitalization at its core aims to reduce your final mile costs by resource optimization as the key focus. Instant booking is the loyal brand to ensure a flexible online experience.

  • ACI is the market leading Air Freight Directory you can’t afford to be without!

    Our Air Freight Directory is the most used tool by Freight Forwarders and Airlines in North America with over 3700 current subscribers. Just what you’d expect from the industry’s leading guide, so make sure you are not missing out…

  • More business intelligence – gain your competitive edge

    The Air Freight Directory has grown to double its size with more airports and over 36000 zip codes serviced. Other business tools include Line Haul services between more than 100 Airports in USA, Canada and Mexico. In addition to our member certified Air Freight Cartage Agents, we include, expediting hot shot and line haul to ensure you utilize our network service providers who best suit your needs.

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Air Cargo Inc

Air Cargo Inc offers a suite of products for the freight transportation industry. We supply freight forwarders (IACs) information regarding Carriers. Use our online AutoRouter tool to instantly route freight door to door.  The NEW ACI Compliance Gateway online includes Carrier points of service, carrier rates and driver STA information.

For support, please contact sales toll free at 866-577-8369 (USA) or 650-952-9050.

Compliance Gateway

Air Cargo Inc will call you to verify your Basic Membership.

Compliance Gateway

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